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Huangpu bridge of Pearl River in Guangzhou is a significant construction project the State Council authorize

s and then Guangdong Province obtains after the government implements the macroscopic economy regulates.

The project starts from Huo village Guangzhou economic development area, links North second ring highways and Guangshen highway, gonging south crossing the Bi village, the Huangpu Temple village, then passing main route of Pearl River to the Caotang village Hualong town Panyu area, the end point connect with East Guangzhu highway and the Jinshan Road, the project spans 18.694 km.

This project is the Ministry of Communications " five vertical and seven horizontal " center Jingzhu highway host skeleton line Guangzhou circles the city road the east section, also is the Zhujiang economic zone ring-like road east link section, is east the Guangzhou high speed highway network two ring circuits the section, holds the important position in the federal highway skeleton line highway network and Guangdong Province and in the Guangzhou region highway network, She through the Guangzhou North second ring highways , west second ring highways and Guangming highway (the Guangzhou section) he connected includeing the Jingzhu, Guang Shen, the new airport and so on eight highways and Guang Yuan, south Highway, the new light three cities fast skeleton lines and G105, G106, G107, the G324 four first level federal highways.

This item locates eastern part Guangzhou and south the economical industrial belt, directly linked up Guangzhou's economic development zone, the Huangpu area, the Panyu area and Nansha economic development zone, this item controllability project Pearl River Huangpu big bridge locates Guangzhou " east-bound " and " south develoing " in the spool thread position, upstream the bridge site 9 kilometer, in the downriver 34 kilometers scopes the not cross river big bridge, the big bridge construction will make up eastern part Guangzhou and south the area temporarily does not have the cross Pearl River big bridge the blank, to will realize Guangzhou " north is superior south develops, east association west bound " the strategy as well as will promote Guangzhou and the bead triangle economic zone and exudes the bead triangle area has the extremely vital significance.

The overall investments is 4.115 billion, the time limit of the project is 4 years. by the Guangzhou Road Development company, ZhaoCheng international investment Co., Ltd. ,Guangdong highway construction Co.,Ltd. according to 6: 3: 1 investment ratio financing construction.
The project adopts six traffic lanes (forward adopting eight traffic lanes) highway standard, the statistical driving speed is 100Km/h, the roadbed extends 34.5m. the item includes in with emphasis Guangdong Province the maximum span (1108m) steel box-girder suspension bridge, the home maximum span (383m) single pylon and two cable planes cable-stayed bridge, the domestic firstdetached tunnel with eight travelled lanes (only extends 218.0m) domestically uses moves the mold law (MSS) constructs the maximum span (62.5m) prestrssed continuous rigid frame bridge, moreover, but also has interchange, the great span surmounts the highway and railway and soft ground the representative project and so on.

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